Cloud-based Platform Management

In order to optimize the management of power, charge billing, data analysis, Ao Neng Power provides customers with an EV public cloud-based platform, this platform can help you reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

System Features:

1.Real-time Alarm
The real-time monitoring of electric charging and battery exchange ensures the safe operation.
2. Charging Station Service
Real-time monitoring charge station data and operation to ensure the normal use.
3. Charging Station Site Location
Online to locate the charge station position and let customer to make appointment for charging service.
4. Charge Data Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of charging operation data.
5. Charging Station Fault Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of charging station operation, provide prompt service and maintenance.

Station Construction

Service Network

  • 24-hour online customer service

    24*7 Telephone service available Hotline
    +86 400 880 9072  +86 571 8738 3609
  • Service Specification

    24-hour online   0.5-hour response
  • Storage of spare parts

    Meet the requirements for fast recovery faults
  • Service network

    There are offices in major cities in North China,
    East China, Central China, Northwest China and South China.

Common Problem

Ao Neng Power Supply Always adhering to the "customer-centric" service concept, Providing quality service to our customers

Common Problems And Exception Handling

  • Common problems and abnormal handling of mobile charging stations

  • Common problems and abnormal handling of 60kW (120kW) DC charging stations

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